Theme for our June WRITERS ROUND TALK SHOW is “ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES” I chose this song because I am missing this ‘Round for my daughter’s EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY / GRADUATION PARTY in Washington State…Thanks to the spot-on style of Ms. KAT DAVIS, THE JUNE SHOW WILL BE A STUNNING SUCCESS!



…Our JUNE show is guest hosted by a dear friend and fellow performer, KAT DAVIS. She is hosting the show for us as my daughter graduates from high school that week in Seattle, Washington- my first home. She will be eighteen and I will officially have been there to celebrate with her among the tangles of our family tree. So, for the WRITERS ROUND TALK SHOW coming up on June 15, I will be watching online after it is posted like some of our far away fans.

silverlakelounge_smJAWANZA DUMISANI

KAT will host LARRY COLKER, MIKE THEPOET SONKSEN & JAWANZA DUMISANI & DANIEL MC GINN. Either way, dear readers, you are in for a treat as the quality of our panelists just keep burning brighter. Being literate was NEVER so much fun!


Until next time, read your poetry, play your music a little louder, and always clear your calendars to attend BEYOND BAROQUE for the 3rd SUNDAYS in 2014 at 7 pm for THE WRITERS ROUND TALK SHOW.


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